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Banquet Menu

Our menus are whatever your family wants! We are not limited by the menu that is shown below. It is just an example of the wide variety of delicious ethnic foods that we are capable of cooking for your Wedding Reception, Quinceanera, or whatever type of celebration you are having. After 75 years of experience we have prepared almost every type of ethnic food on this planet. We can produce these foods for you to be served in one of our wedding venues or any other reception hall in the Chicagoland area that you might chose during your wedding planning, Quinceaneras planning, or other party planning.
We are also willing to partner with your favorite restaurant to have them cater the food for your Wedding, Quinceaneras, or other type of party.

Contact us

4720 W Armitage.
Chicago, IL 60639

Phone: 773-736-1131

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Sherwood Room & Golden Platter

4720 W Armitage , Chicago IL 60639








Noon to 9pm

Noon to 9pm

By appointment only

Noon to 9pm

Noon to 6pm

Noon to 6pm

By Appointment Only

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